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Contracting with a Professional Painting and Decorating Contractor

Before you decide to hire the least expensive painter you can find, or "do it yourself", here are
important points to consider that suggest the lowest price may not be the best value.


Painting can be hazardous work, whether it’s working on a ladder or dealing with solvents and
Hiring a professional contractor means you don’t have to worry about these problems.


If your home or business was built before 1978, it may have been painted with lead-based
paint, which
can cause serious health effects when it is scraped or sanded in preparation for repainting.
Professional contractors will take appropriate steps to protect you. Painting contractors are
required to
furnish EPA-produced pamphlets to their residential customers before they begin a job that
disturbing lead-based paint in or on a residence. Professional painting contractors will
understand and
be willing to follow the recommendations on this pamphlet.

Preparation & Painting

Getting the surface properly prepared makes all the difference. Professional contractors know
value of preparation and will do it right.

Knowing Paints and How to Apply Them

The choices today are more complicated than just oil or latex, and professional contractors
will know
what works, how to use it, and will have the right tools for the job. Professional contractors
utilize and
partner with professional paint, coatings, and wallcovering suppliers.

Cleanup and Disposal

Hiring a professional contractor means you don’t have to worry about dealing with paint
residues and
other leftovers. Professionals will know how to handle hazardous wastes that may be part of
the job.

How to Choose the Right Contractor For Your Project

Once you have decided to contract with someone to do a particular painting and decorating
how do you go about selecting the right company? Do you make your selection on price, size of

company, years in business, or other criteria?

To locate the names of reputable contractors, there are many sources of information. Some of
sources are PDCA's Find a Pro search engine, friends, relatives, architects and design
and local "quality- oriented" paint supply stores. However, these sources can only give you
general information. In order to make an educated decision, you need some specific
information about
any person or firm you are considering hiring.

Always verify the contractor is licensed and insured

Quality contracting firms will be only too happy to provide you with copies of their certificates of
insurance. They should provide bonding information (if the job is large enough to require
such) and
documentation of safety training and compliance programs. Not all states and municipalities
licensing however business registration with your state and municipality is generally a

Written Contracts are a Must

Reputable contractors will encourage the use of a written contract. This contract should clearly
the scope of the work to be performed. It should also cover such items as surfaces to be
methods and extent of surface preparation, time schedules for the project, and payment
Knowing the total scope of the work enables you to carefully evaluate the different bids you may

receive with the proper information and keep them on a level playing field. The contract serves
protect both you and the contractor.

Invest Time in Verifying References

Obtain a list of references from the prospective contractor. This list should include the contact
address, and telephone number of the previous client. Follow up on this list with a phone call.
Remember, the contractor will not give you a bad reference. Therefore, ask references if they
know of
any other work this contractor has performed. Be sure to ask whether the contractor and
treated you professionally and with respect. The references you are interested in should be
similar in size and scope to yours. Also, some of the projects should be at least a few years
old. This
will help you gauge the performance of the construction and materials used. If possible, try to
see the
work that was done.

Discuss any guarantee or warranty programs the contractor may offer. Ask about the
warranty on the products to be used on your project. Remember you are looking for long-term
durability from the paint job. The use of high quality products is as important as the selection
performance of the contractor. Verifying references will provide a return on your project

Is Your Contractor a PDCA Member?

Determine if your contractor is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of
America. It has
been in existence since 1884 and has over 3100 members all over the country and parts of
The focus of the association is the education of its members and the promotion of
within the industry. Look for the PDCA logo on your contractor’s business card, bid sheets, or
Trade associations such as the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) offer
programs for the education of painting contractors. This education includes training in the
area of
safety, business management, technical areas of painting and surface preparation, and
more. Quality
painting and decorating contractors are well educated on the different aspects of any painting
and that knowledge helps eliminate surprises. Excellence in paint application is as important
with your
selection of a contractor as are the skills to properly manage their business and your project.

Not all association memberships are alike

National Associations such as PDCA and the Better Business Bureau are Non-Profit
Associations who
are interested in making the contracting world better, not just selling their products, which
marketing and sales type association type groups are in business for. PDCA is the only
association for painting and decorating contractors and one of the oldest contractor
associations in
Contractors license # 803941